Anchors Down Grand Opening!!!

AD Grand Opening

February’s Dog of the Month

For February’s Dog of the Month, we’re going GREEN! Also known as The LO, this dog comes with cream cheese, dill pickle slices, cucumbers, lettuce and celery salt. With a plethora of topping combinations there are often hits and (few) misses.

Stemming from a craving for the crunchiness of pickles and cucumbers, I wanted to add more to the flavor and texture profile of the dog thus cream cheese, lettuce and celery salt were happily married into the topping family. This has been a go-to dog for me when I want something off menu, while still taking advantage of our immense variety of topping choices. I love most the freshness of this dog. There are days you have a craving and a need for our comforting macaroni and cheese dog or deep fried danger dog, then there are days where you’re up for a lighter treat.

I hope you enjoy this Dog of the Month as much as I have for the past two years.

Thank you Kim Holcomb @ Evening Magazine

If you’ve yet to come in and really enjoy what everyone else is raving about… still a little nervous… here’s some great tantalizing shots of our favorite dogs. Most importantly, note; it’s true,¬†Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups = no so good. ¬†But me + peanut butter and bananas = GREAT!

Construction has commenced!

the Social is now rolling right along!

We met with the contractors earlier this week and we have everything all squared away!

Now it’s just a matter of time before we get this baby off the ground!!